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Lexis tooling Systems we are engaged in manufacturing of different variety of CNC Tooling say Precision Collets, Tool Holding Collets, High Precision Collets, Sealed Collets, Coolant Collets, Baby Collet Chuck, Tool Holders, Pull Studs, Precision Nuts, Hex Nuts, Mini Nuts, Ball Bearing Nuts and Industrial Nuts. They are made from finest grade raw materials to ensure high consistency to customer end. CNC Tooling Industrial Collets ER Collets Tool Holding Collets High Precision Collets Double Angle Collets - DA Collets Tremendous Grip Collets - TG Collet RDO Collets - ORT Collets - OZ Collets LTX Collets Straight Collets - Adjustable Straight Collets RDF Collets
RDG Collets – TG Collets Tremendous Grip Collets also called as TG Collets achieve higher accuracy and greater gripping strength than Double Angle Collet and some other popular collet systems. Lexis TG Collet system will perform well in applications up to 10, 000 RPM and support Tremendous Grip and accuracy at the time of application. TG Coolant Collets are aimed and manufactured for use with tooling requiring through spindle coolant. TG collets are also known in the industry as RDG, DF, BG, VDF, and PG collets. RDG75 Collets RDG100 Collets RDG150 Collets RDG200 Collets RDG Coolant Collet RDG Solid Tap Collet TG Collets TG Collet Tremendous Grip Collets RDG Collets TG75 Collets TG100 Collets TG150 Collets TG200 Collets TG Coolant Collet TG Solid Tap Collet
Industrial Collets We are engaged in supplying Collets, Industrial Collets, ER Collets, Tool Holding Collets, ER Collet and High Precision Collets available in Metric & Inches both models in accordance to DIN & ANSI Standards. Industrial Collets ER Collets Tool Holding Collets High Precision Collets Double Angle Collets - DA Collets Tremendous Grip Collets - TG Collet RDO Collets - OZ Collets LTX Collets Straight Collets - Adjustable Straight Collets RDF Collets
Lexis Collets & Holders Lexis is one of the global manufacturers with wide product range in tool holding systems. To meet the growing demands of the Machine tool and Cutting tool industry, Lexis has started a new manufacturing facility in India. This not only manufactures & supplying products for India, but also for the export market worldwide. The product range includes TG Collets, ER Collets, DA Collets, NC Collets, Collant Collets, Tapping collets, ORT Collets, Collet Chucks, Tool Holders, Pullstuds and Clamping Nuts. TG Collets ER Collets DA Collets NC Collets / Collant Collets Tapping collets ORT Collets Collet Chucks Tool Holders Pullstuds Clamping Nuts / Industrial Nuts / Precision Nuts
DA100 Collets - Double Angle Collets – RDA Collets Lexis DA Collets were originally designed to clamp well on slightly uneven surfaces such as jobbers or taper length type drills. DA Collets are recommended for drilling. RDA Collets / DA collets are available in both Metric and Inch sizes. RDA Collets / DA Collets are available in 1/64 increments and in .5mm increments for metric sizes. RDACollets / DA collets metric sizes starting from 1mm Dia to 15mm with 0.5mm incremental and RDA Collets / DA collets Inch sizes available from 3/16 to 9/16 Inch. RDA Collets / DA collets are also known in the industry as DA and VDA collets. For more product details please visit DA100 Collet RDA 100 Collet Double Angle Collet Lexis DA100 Collet
ER Collets Manufacturer in India We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying of qualitative ER Collet. Our LEXIS ER Collets are precision engineered by our dexterous and experienced team. They are made from optimum grade raw materials to ensure high reliability to client's end. These ER Collets are highly appreciated by our esteemed clients and are available at economical costs ER8 Collet ER11 Collet ER12 Collet ER16 Collet ER20 Collet ER25 Collet ER32 Collet ER40 Collet ER50 Collet
DA Collets (Double Angle Collets) High-quality, precision tool holding has a great impact on the machining process, we offer DA Collets in variety of ranges includes Standard, Tap & Sealed Collets, we are happy to notify that our 100% quality inspection ensures guaranteed superiority products to customers. Double Angle Collets DA Collets DA Collet DA100 Collets DA180 Collets DA200 Collets DA300 Collets DA400 Collets DA500 Collets
ER Collets Lexis Tooling Systems is an affiliate of Centaur Precision Tools Inc., USA an ISO 9001-2000 company. Centaur is the source for state-of-the-art precision engineered toolholding systems. Centaur products include Toolholding Collets, Collet Chucks, CNC Toolholders, VDI Toolholders, Tapping Systems and Power Milling Chucks. Our Lexis tooling systems ER Collets have, High Accuracy, Versatility, Multiple Applications, Wide Clamping Range, Long Life, Ideal for Tool Extensions, and Precision Manufactured to DIN 6499. Lexis ER Collets can apply in the following recommended applications: Drilling Milling Rigid Tapping Tapping (with Length Compensation) Reaming Boring Coolant Through External Coolant Through High Precision Grinding
Hydro Grip Sleeve With the hands on expertise and experience in this area, we proudly bring a new range of product in front of our esteem customers. Lexis Hydro Grip Sleeves are manufactured in our manufacturing facility with stage by stage inspection and with high quality materials ensures Hydro Grip Sleeves accuracy within 5 micron. Hydro Grip Sleeve/Collet OD20 Hydro Grip Sleeve/Collet OD25 Hydro Grip Sleeve/Collet OD32