DA180 Collet

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Product description

Lexis DA 180 Collets were originally designed to clamp well on slightly uneven surfaces such as jobbers or taper length type drills. DA Collets are recommended for drilling. RDA Collets / DA180 collets are available in both Metric and Inch sizes. Maximum tightening torque for DA180 collet is 45 ft/lbs. DA Collets also known as RDA Collets Double Angle Collets in the industry. Lexis Tooling DA (double angle) derives its accuracy by pulling up on two tapers facing each other. The angles are rather short and close together.Advantage of the DA system is that it generally needs a smaller body (because of the small tapers) so for close or tight work a DA setup might be the best. The DA Collet System is recommended for tools like a die grinder, small and compact for size to body. Collet Sizes Lexis DA Collets metric sizes starting from 1mm Dia to 20 mm with 0.5mm incremental and in Inch sizes available from 1/16 to 3/4 Inch. Collet Dimensions Lexis DA Collets dimensions:- A=11.5mm & B=18mm

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