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CNC Machine Collet Suppliers In India ER8 Collets Suppliers In Tamilnadu Lexis tooling’s ER8 Collet system are consistent and mass-produced as per DIN 6499 standard guidelines and are truly compatible. This becomes important to users that may have toolholding systems from different Toolholding System Manufacturers. Lexis tooling’s ER8 Collets are designed to collapse with 0.5mm or .0119. Never try to install a cutting tool with a larger shank than the maximum or nominal diameter of the collet to expand the collet. For example: If the cutting tool shank is 4.6mm a 4-5mm is not suitable. A 5-4.5mm collet would be required. Sealed Collets for coolant through applications do not have a collapse range, and must be used at exact size. Lexis tooling’s ER8 Collet set metric sizes starting from 0.5-0.25mm Dia to 5-4.5mm with 0.5mm incremental range and ER8 Collets Inch sizes available on request. ER8 Collet is also known as RD8 Collets in marketplace. Lexis ER8 Collet Size range RD8 Collet Dia 0.5mm ER8 Collet Dia 1.0mm ER8 Collets Dia 1.5mm ER8 Collets Dia 2mm ER8 Coolant Collet 2.5mm ER8 Sealed Collet 3mm ER8 Tap Collet 3.5mm ER8 Tap Sealed Collet 4mm RD8 Collet Dia 4.5mm ER8 Sealed Collet 5mm
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